Other cryptic crossword websites

There are lots of cryptic crossword sites on the internet, and a selection are referenced in the relevant articles within this site's Resources section.

This article features three further site that provide a broad range of information about the world of cryptic crossword:

The Wikipedia article on cryptic crosswords covers a wide range of topics, including a potted history of the cryptic crossword, a list of publications that feature cryptic puzzles in the UK and elsewhere, and a table of setters who submit to more than one UK newspaper.

Best for Puzzles
The Best for Puzzles site is managed by Michael Curl, who sets crosswords. There is a wide range of content relating to cryptic puzzles at the site, it's easy to find your way around, and the information is presented simply and clearly.

As well as the Daily Easy Cryptic Crossword, there is a Crossword Help and Info section which includes an extensive Crossword Dictionary.

Crossword Unclued
This site is managed by Shuchismita Upadhyay, who is an experienced cryptic crossword blogger. The site has a wealth of content and benefits from Shuchi's presentation skills – the content is attractively laid out with new material being added regularly, giving the site a magazine feel.

Much of the content is detailed guidance on aspects of clue construction and solving, pitched at a level that will be suitable for improvers, and there is plenty of supporting material on a wide range of aspects, including interviews with setters.