HH photo 75pcLearn how to solve cryptic crosswords

Welcome to czdCrosswords.co.uk

This site provides access to information and resources to help you learn how to solve cryptic crosswords:

  • advice on what's required in order to learn this skill
  • a comprehensive book for beginners
  • face-to-face courses taught by czdCrosswords
  • resources available to help improvers develop their skills.

An enjoyable pastime that exercises the mind
I teach beginners how to solve cryptic crosswords and I believe that many more people could learn how to solve cryptic puzzles than is currently the case. Having access to effective learning resources is an important enabler for this to happen.

Learning a new skill is a reward in itself, and solving cryptic crosswords can lead to an enjoyable and mentally stimulating pastime.

Henry Howarth: Teacher, author and manager of czdCrosswords.

How to access documents on this site
Some detailed information on this site is provided in the form of PDF (Portable Document Format) files. You can read these on screen, print them out, download them and email them as attachments. You will need a PDF reader app on your system to access them: the latest versions are available from the software company, Adobe (www.adobe.com).