Learn how to solve cryptic crosswords

Crossword tutor and author Henry Howarth
Henry Howarth

Latest news: New release of the app Learn Cryptic Crosswords now available.


Welcome to CZD Crosswords, the website of crossword tutor and author Henry Howarth.

Here you will find information and resources for learning how to solve cryptic crosswords:

  • Advice — on what is required to learn this skill
  • Book — a comprehensive book for beginners
  • App — an interactive app for beginners
  • Courses — for beginners and improvers in the UK
  • Resources — for improvers to develop their skills further.

Learning made easier

The courses, book and app authored by Henry Howarth use an approach that makes learning easier for beginners:

  • starting with the basic ideas and easiest types of clue, and building step-by-step to the advanced aspects
  • supporting each topic with examples and exercises that reinforce key learning points
  • completing each module with practice puzzles designed to consolidate learning.

An enjoyable pastime that exercises the brain

Learning a new skill is a reward in itself, and solving cryptic crosswords is an enjoyable and mentally stimulating pastime.